I Have an Excuse This Time (Kind Of)

So, it’s been a while (again). Thank you for standing by while I sort this thing out. This time, though, I have a slightly better excuse: I moved. (Disregard the fact that I moved two months ago. When I first drafted this post, it was more like three weeks, which is a marginally better excuse).

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A Summer Update (but don’t take this seriously)

I realized this weekend that it had been two weeks since my last blog post, which meant it was time to post something again if I wanted to stick to my loosely defined “schedule.” But I was working Saturday, and had already mentally committed to sticking myself in the sand on the beach for at least four hours on Sunday. So, I took a notebook and came up with this: my first not-serious, just-for-fun, a little silly list-article. I got to go to the beach, had fun writing this, and will actually have something relatively on time. The only downside is that I got sand all over my work notebook, which, oh well.

So. Here’s “10 Things I Thought Maybe I Would Do This Summer But Definitely Haven’t (In No Particular Order)”

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Local Mom Bribes City-Bound Daughter With Clam Cakes and Ocean Views.

Daughter Considers the Bribe. 

Hi. I’m Julia. I’m 21, and for now, everyone reading this definitely knows that. But maybe someday this blog will get high enough readership that everyone won’t know that, and I’d hate to leave people in the dark. Anyway. I’m 21, a recent college grad, and about to start my first summer working 9:00-5:00 (almost) full time. But we’ll get to that later.

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